The opportunity for garden and floral supplies

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Along with the economic prosperity, the demand of urban forestation and garden decoration increased, which caused the large market in China. Currently a large number of residences expect to live in an green and comfortable environment.In 2013, the total planting area of Flowers and Plants is 1227.1 thousand hectares, more than 1120.3 thousand hectares in 2012 by 9.54%. The Total Sales Revenue of 2013 is 128.811 billions, which increased 6.66% of that in 2012. Also, the exports sales has a substantial growth in 2013. Besides, in the World Expo 2010, a very important event, over 80% pavilions were 3D Forestation and use the roof garden. Obviously, the huge quantity demanded and Association investment stimulate the business opportunity in related field. All the mentioned above provide a brilliant commercial opportunity for garden and floral supplies. 

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