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A one-stop order-placing-meeting in Floricultrual, Horticultural and Garden Industry for Christmas, New Year and Spring Festival!  


Review (Dec., 6-8, 2013)  


Exhibitors: 150 exhibitors came from 13 countries and regions  

         The exhibition area was about 10,000m2.  

Buyers:   Buyers came from 21 countries and regions

         There were 6113 professional buyers in total, including 151 overseas buyers


Concurrent activities  


Establishing of a“Small Potted” Group in Potted Plant Branch of China’s Flower Association,

Gathering of 2013 National Ornamental Nursery Stock entrepreneurs ,

China (South) Ornamental Plant BBS,

China florist network marketing BBS,

Floriculture performed by champion and the silver medal winner of the 3rd “China Cups” Flower Arrangement Contest.


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