Exhibits Profile:

1. Garden Products: pot, implantation utensil, cultivation substrate soil, fertilizer, pesticide, garden tools (hoe, spade, sprinkler, glove, shoe), garden sculpture, garden equipment, hardware product, electrical tool, green DIY horticulture product;

2. Floral Supplies: vase, dry flower, artificial flower, flower arrangement apparatus, packing material, ornamental plant, flower storage & freshness preservation technology and equipment;

3. Pot Plant: potted plant, bonsai, bedding plant, shade plant, patterned plant, fruit & vegetable patterned bonsai;

4. Landscape Products: fence, gardening stone, garden machinery, garden tool, lighting equipment, door and railing, fountain equipment, outdoor furniture, corrosion resistant wood product, courtyard design, roof green;

5. Others: universities and colleges of higher-learning, scientific and research institutions, media and association, etc. 


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